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Remember these guys?!

No description

Ben Massey

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Remember these guys?!

Remember these guys?!
Harold's Beard! I've forgotten who they are!
Enthusiastic Erica
Co-operating Clara
Perseverance Pete
Countess Concentrate
Have A Go Harold
Dr Curious
Maxi-mise and Handy Man
What's the point?!
"Part and parcel of becoming a successful learner is having an awareness and control of the skills that will help you to learn."
Anna MacDonald
"Pupils need not only the ideal learning environment, but also the skills to control their own learning."
How well do you know your Learning Muscles?
This LM plans every task and thinks it through.
Countess Concentrate
This LM loves to experiment.
This LM asks: "What if...?".
Dr Curious
This LM loves acting on targets.
Maxi-mise & Handy Man
This LM doesn't worry if things go wrong
Have a Go Harold
This LM applies her learning to everyday life
Enthusiastic Erica.
This LM is always tolerant.
Co-operating Clara
This LM never gives up!
Perseverance Pete
Which Learning Muscles are easy to achieve in your class?
Which aren't so easy to use?
How can you extend the variety of Learning Muscles focused on in your teaching?
...The Learning Muscle Wheels!
What could have been:
Learning Muscle Photographs
What kind of questions could you ask?
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