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solar roadways

No description

madison peskie

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of solar roadways

solar roadways
what is being done?
when the phrase "global warming became popular, the idea of replacing all concrete and asphalt surfaces with solar panels came about. layers of super-strong glass embedded with photovoltaic cells, electrical wiring and LED lights
is it currently being used?
yes kind of. scott and tracy brusaw designed their own solar panels and redid their driveway with those hand made panels. solar roadways incorporated is currently aiming to get parks, sidewalks, and other small things covered in solar panels before hitting main roads.
who is doing it?
solar roadways incorporated and the federal highway administration are part of installing solar roadways.
scott brusaw and his wife have a huge part in solar roadways too.
what problems would it address?
electric vehicles could charge anywhere
internal combustion engines would become absolute
we save money
clean, independent energy
help save electricity
the target to start this project is 1million and they have 61,337$
how does it work?
how wide of an impact?
solar roadways company is hoping to have the whole country using solar roadways as soon as possible.
they are like normal solar panels but just on the ground.
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