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Dom Bosco Salesian School

Presented by Ronaipe Machado

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Transcript of Dom Bosco Salesian School

Dom Bosco Salesian School Why education? “The most valuable prize that life offers is the opportunity to work intensely at something that is worthwhile” Theodore Roosevelt "Oh, captain, my captain!" Come, embark with us in this voyage! We are travellers on the same ship! We need you! They need you! Nobody educates anybody else. Nobody educates himself. People educate each other through their interactions in the world.

This is very true, because education is, by its nature, a communitarian effort, a social endeavor! Paulo Freire The educational environment Education as practice of freedom If you want to educate or teach for one day, give a class. If you want to for years, prepare programs and colleges. If you want to educate for life, teach values and the right use of freedom.

Knowledge + Wisdom The Preventive System Reason
Loving-kindness SSN It aims to integrate the Salesian schools through pedagogical practices developed according to the Christian humanist vision and the preventive system of education, created by Don Bosco. The network began to be introduced in 2001 and brings together 118 elementary and high school institutions with approximately 90,000 students and 4,000 educators. The initial strategy emphasizes the development of pedagogic material that reflects the knowledge content compatible with contemporary pedagogical science and Salesian educational values. Mission Our mission is to evangelize educating and educate evangelizing, accordingly to the Salesian style expressed in the preventive system of Don Bosco in order to promote the integral development of young people. The SEPP: an invitation A tradition in permanent evolution and change
A pedagogical proposal to be enriched and built that you are called to … know embrace live improve Concluding We appreciate the choice you made to bring your children to our school, which demonstrates your trust in our educational project and in our educators. Your trust is a treasure that we intend to grow and deepen more and more! Education is the key of the future… We may not be able to modify the past, however, we can begin to write a new future! We want to work together and we desire that in doing so, Don Bosco will be your school for today, tomorrow and always! Thank you and God bless you! It comprises three interconnected dimensions: pedagogy, pastoral, spirituality. An educational project focused on the integral development of the pupils To do well (academic excellence, competencies)
and to do good (education for freedom),
making wise choices in life. Your children, our students Academic excellence
competencies development
Welcome! Student Integral Development
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