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Reading Strategies

Good Reader Strategy Notes

Megan McConkey

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies Connect Predict Visualize Relate Summarize Questioning Clarify Comment something to do with your own life
Ex: I related to _____because_____
to do with another book or movie/show
Ex: This part reminds of ________
because ______ what will happen in the future
Ex: I think ____ will happen
because ______. pictures in your head
phrases that arouse senses (smell, taste, etc)
Ex: I could hear the sounds of the city in my head. asking about a confusing part
Ex: I didn't understand _______. I wonder. ..
What if...
Possible quiz questions 1-3 sentences of the main idea your opinion
I like/dislike _____
because ______.
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