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Edmodo PD Week

An introduction to Edmodo

Amer Mohiuddin

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Edmodo PD Week

Amer Mohiuddin Engage them in a format that feels fun and familiar to them by integrating Edmodo into your classroom. So how do we accommodate as teachers to meet the needs of 21st Century learners? Ever heard of Facebook? Edmodo is a safe and secure platform for educators, students, and parents A social platform similar to Facebook
A place to store all you documents, videos, images, and other electronic media
A space to post assignments and quizzes
A blog where student dialogue is encouraged
A place to collaborate with other educators and share resources.
A place where students can collaborate with other students across the globe. Edmodo is: What is the typical student interested in? This is how we learned: This is how today's students learn: 2. Texting with Friends Think of Edmodo as Facebook for the classroom Facebook Edmodo
Upload images,
videos, and other
Web 2.0 Tools Open-access
Open to public
Students can view inappropriate material Teacher monitors all posts
Students cannot privately message each other
A special code is required to gain entry into the classroom
Secure Create a group for your class . You can post assignments, quizzes, and notifications for your students. Collaborate with others in your field Old School New School Where will you take your students with
? Keep track of grades Communicate with students Students practice their writing skills Create quizzes-no grading!

1. What is Edmodo?
2. How can Edmodo enhance learning? Questions Enhancing the Learning Experience Enhancing the Learning Experience By the end of this workshop you should be able to:
1. Identify Edmodo
2. State how it can enhance learning 1. Video Gaming 3.Chating online Features 1.Comment on the video
2. Participate in the poll
3. Turn in your homework assignment TASKS Edmodo has apps for the iPhone/iPad and Android
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