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Journeys in Adaptation

No description

deborah davies

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of Journeys in Adaptation

Adaptation and mitigation are different but also compatible
Adaptation is multidimensional,
You need inputs from the Social as well as Physical sciences

Understand your reasons for adapting

There is a role for everyone in this process

Beware of the risk of MALADAPTATION
Monitoring & Evaluation
C2 Bilateral Local Climate Change Adaptation Capacity Building Event
Many faces to vulnerability

1) Vulnerability - putting all your eggs in one basket/ putting all your faith, time, & money in one adaptation action!

Solution - adaptation goals are best met through a portfolio of adaptation strategies

Is M&E written into you adaptation strategy?

Do you think your current
M&E processes are robust?

Do you have the flexibility to adjust goals as and when new information becomes available?

Do M&E process continue once the project goals are met?

It is not a question of -
how well adapted are we?

Rather it is a question of -
how adaptive are we?
how well do we adapt?

We have to have strategies in place that:
- allow us to learn from our mistakes
- allow us change direction when we need to
- ensure the lessons learned aren't forgotten
Adaptation is an iterative process
Norwegian Extreme Weather Warning System
Existing EWS: Earthquakes

EEA Projects
- Alentejo, Portugal
- Sibiu, Romania
- ClimNet- HUN Hungary
University of Sogn og Fjordane
-Master's programme in Climate Change Management
-Journeys in Adaptation
-Green/blue infrastructure
-Natural resource management
Balatonfüred 21-23 Sept. 2016
Deborah E. Davies
Journeys in Adaptation
Many faces of vulnerability

2) Vulnerability - institutional limits restricting adaptation capacity

Solution - build networks, aim for an authentic and extensive stakeholder engagement, give credence to non-traditional expert knowledge

Tusen takk
Many faces of vulnerability

3) Vulnerability - being locked into one course of action, not having the flexibility to change!

Solution - cultivate a robust M&E process that allows you to learn from your mistakes, sooner rather than later/never.

1) Training Service - schools
2) Better Planning Regulations - vulnerability maps
3) Better early warning system
Adaptation goals are best realised through a portfolio of adaptation strategies
Reduce Vulnerability

When an adaptation favours one social group but ignores and/or makes another group more vulnerable
Potential maladaptation
Adaptation measures dependent on long term funding are vulnerable to fiscal changes.

Working with a limited or Zero budget
and focusing on using existing infrastructure arrangements,
can, potentially,
make an adaptation action more resilient to socio-economic and institutional changes.
Vulnerability not simply a question of poverty

Becoming more affluent can also make us vulnerable

Adaptation can be complex and messy
Because society is complex and messy

In your discussion groups
Take one adaptation measure from the municipal strategy and consider:

1) What vulnerability(ies) the adaptation measure addresses
- natural, socio-economic, institutional?

2) What vulnerable groups does the adaptation measure address?

3) Is the measure part of a collection of interacting adaptation measures, or is it a stand-alone measure?

4) Is the adaptation measure vulnerable to changing circumstances?


When an adaptation measure has a high carbon footprint
& thus works against a region's mitigation efforts
Adaptation can be complex and messy
Because society is complex and messy

Are there potential negative (rebound) effects from any of the adaptation measures in your municipal strategy?

If so

What steps can you take to avoid or minimise these?
How individuals and communities perceive their vulnerability and also their ability to adapt and change can be very much influence by local institutions & legislation

It is important to be open to the fact that local vulnerability to climate changes, owe as much or more to local institutions and legislation - i.e. bad planning, bad networks, incomplete knowledge, than actually a change in the climate itself.
Capacity Building Event
90+ Stakeholders
Only 2 farmers
Managed landscape
2080 - Average peak flow + 37%

Households affected
2015 - 870
2080 - 1400
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