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African American Music

No description

justin hayes

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of African American Music

How has today's music influenced the outlook on life within the childhood of a common African American?
How has today's music influenced the outlook on life within the childhood of a common African American? The effects of music Introduction Essential Question How has today's Hip-Hop effected the outlook on life? Created By: Justin Hayes Created by: Justin Hayes African & African American Music African American music Time line African American Music can be defined as the songs and dances that were bought over by slaves during
the times of slavery They used this music for a number
of reasons
How has Hip-Hop effected the outlook on life? The slaves used there songs to keep in mind
the momories that were left behind The songs were also used as a form of entertainment while working in the cotton fields Before slavery there was an African drum that was used for talking to different places within the western part of Africa Music Maafa The maafa is the African American hollocst, it also refers to the 500 years our ansecters went through suffering How the maafa connects to music Today's Music ( exit Video) The start of HIp-Hop In the late 50/60's street gangs in New York rose in numbers
Problems really began to explode around the 1970's
Mostly in the Bronx and Harlem area of New York These gangs began to bring forth, Violence and the use of drugs

This problem became so serious that laws were placed to make it easier to incarcerate drug and gang offenders

People in the affected neighborhoods had many problems with the gangs and the things they were doing
The bronx is where Hip-Hop orginated
Also started the art of B-boyin and the culture of being a DJ First Hip-Hop group to go commercial Believe it or not Hip-Hop rose from the different gangs active at that time

The DJs would battle for supremacy and territory

Hip-Hop was alsoassociated with Graffiti and B-boying and/or Breaking

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