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No description

Kristie Vanderzanden

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Fiji

A country of many cultures
Fiji is a group of volcanic islands in the south pacific. It is made up of 332 islands and 522 smaller islets. Only 106 are inhabited
this is a resort .
tourism is popular
Fiji, which had been inhabited since the second millennium B.C. , was explored by the Dutch and the British in the 17th and 18th centuries. Fiji became independent on Oct. 10, 1970.
lovo:a feast rapped in leaves and cooked in a hole in the ground
chili peppers, unleavened bread, rice, vegetables, curries, and tea
taro, cassava and kava, a narcotic drink.
Capital: Suva
Currency: Fijian dollar
Population: 881,065 (2013) World Bank
Continent: Australia, Oceania
Official languages: English, Fijian, Fiji Hindi

Fijian monkey-faced flying fox
Crested iguana
• hawksbill
• loggerhead
• green
• pacific ridley
• leatherback

and 5 turtles
these are some of the many islands here
native people
Fiji is a . The President is the head of state while the Prime Minister is head of Fiji Government. The parliament is comprised of the President, an elected House of Representatives with 1 member and a nominated Senate with 32 members. After 96 years of British rule, Fiji was granted its independence on October 10, 1970, and became a self-governing nation within the Commonwealth. Then in 1987, a military regime was established followed by two coups led by Sitiveni Rabuka, and soon afterward Fiji was declared a republic. In 1992, Fiji returned to an elected government, though that system fell in November of 1993
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