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The 21st Century Classroom (15 minutes)

TIC Education session on using Technology in the Classroom

Allan McDonald

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of The 21st Century Classroom (15 minutes)

interactive learning The 21st Century Classroom Technology in the Classroom on a Budget Prezi Presentations Udutu Tutorials Lucid Chart What is Prezi?
Online presentation system
One big canvas
Overview and Detail Views
Gathering and Framing Why are Prezis Different?
Can see whole story
Frame parts to show relationship to whole How Prezi?
Access prezi website (http://www.prezi.com)
Create a free account
Start creating prezis (can import PowerPoint)
Use them in class Pros
Easy and fast
Keeps students interested
Can use over Internet or locally Cons
Learning curve
Limited choice of formats
Transitions can be dizzying
(but there is a limited iOS app) What is udutu?
Course creation tool
Create tutorials & lessons
Learning objects are reusable
Final product is delivered over web Why is udutu different?
Easy to use
Offers more options than Moodle lessons
Reusable objects How to Udutu
Create account http://www.myudutu.com
Select or create a theme
Add course content (lessons, quizzes, etc)
Export finished product
Load into Moodle or any website (or to Facebook) Pros
Many options
Can link to any website
Can link to Facebook
Free Cons
Intimidating at first
Learning curve
Need a place to host it What is Lucid Chart?
Diagramming software
Create all kinds of diagrams
Built on current web standards Pros
Easy to use
Web standard
Multiple outputs Cons
Learning curve Agenda quizlet Hot Potatoes Quandary youtube.com/edu Audacity Any teacher that can be replaced by technology should be
Arthur C. Clarke bubbl.us twiddla glogster merlot MSN Facebook Skype Second Life Introduction
Web 2.0 and Beyond
Prezi Presentations
Lucid Chart
Sources Sources Quizinator MIT OpenCourseware And the list goes on and on and on Internetgeneration Intimidating
Time Consuming More engaged classes
More interaction
Greater student success
Greater student retention Can Be... But it means... TED Introduction Allan McDonald
Computer Science Professor at Heritage College
Graduate Student in University of Ottawa Heritage College English CEGEP
Gatineau, Quebec
1,000 Students
100 Faculty
13 Programs (8 career) Computer Science Program Three-year career program
Focus on programming
Two co-op placements
University option
Very small faculty Quizlet Quizlet
Create flash cards for study
Create class/group
Can create or let students create
Direct students to website
Use mobile apps as well How to Quizlet
Create account http://www.quizlet.com
Create flash cards
Invite students or create a group of all students
Check out results of games/studies Pros
Very easy to use
Sharing/Student updated
Both web and app enabled Cons
Not integrated with LMS
Poor reporting
Are Flashcards still cool? Twiddla What is Twiddla?
Online collaboration tool
Fully interactive editing
Whiteboard, web page, document, image Why Twiddla
Connectivist Pros
Very easy to use
Do not need an account (http://www.twiddla.com/690966)
Collaborative/Team-oriented Cons
Anyone can erase
Tracking is not good
Very occasional errors How to use Lucid Chart?
Create account at www.lucidchart.com
Create a group account for classes
Use templates to create diagrams Good Sources Blogs
Word of mouth
Sites like
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