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No description

Kevy Souza

on 17 August 2011

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Transcript of Pruning

Pruning Size Shape Tools Prune regularly
Overall design
Maintain conformity
Make for a heavy yield Formal shape
Natural shape
Removal of hazards to public The 3 d's Fruit trees i.e. peach, plum, apple
shrubs Dead
Damaged Hand Pruners Loppers Pruning Ladder Standards Addressed

Know the effectiveness of pruning
Students will learn the correct way to prune
The proper time to prune Compare: Which tree has been pruned,
and which one has not? Kevy Souza Keywords Dormant
Scaffolds When the trees shed there leaves during winter. Even distribution of fruiting wood. The primary branches, usually 3 or 4. When you prune you want to remove... Career Development Events Tree Pruning- Winter
Tree Judging- Spring What can be pruned? Open Center Modified Central Leader Central Leader Training Styles 1 2 3 Pruning is as easy as... Trees are pruned and trained according to the type of tree.
Fruit trees are maintained when they are dormant.
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