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Cheer leading

No description

Student Shelton

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Cheer leading

Cheer leading
A routine is what you preform at competitions. A basic routine contains
an opening which is either stunts or the beginning of a cheer
cheer jumps
partner stunts
music jumps
and a dance always the ending of a routine

A stunt group contains a backspot, two bases and a flyer.

Partner stunts are when stunt groups are in formations, usually doing the same things.

The pyramid is a straight line of stunt groups. the flyers connect arms in the air. It also contains a lot of level changes.
What tumbling you can do depends on what level you are

Level two tumbling is front and back walkovers

Level three tumbling is walkovers- back tucks

Level four and up is whatever your team is capable of.
The dance is the finale of your routine. Its usually really fast and last about four - six eight counts.

Theres tons of different jumps like
toe touch
hurdles (side or front)
pikes (side or front)
History Of Cheer leading
Cheer leading was first in invented by Thomas Peebles, a Princeton student. In 1898 when Thomas and his friend Johnny Campbell were at a football game and their team was loosing they gathered a group of people out of the crowd to help lift the players spirits. After that it became a tradition at sporting games.
Coed top gun 2014 worlds finals
Cali Coed worlds 2014
The youngest girl on this team is nine and the oldest boy is eighteen
They won worlds this year for their division.
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