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Compare & Contrast Essays

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N de Soysa

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Compare & Contrast Essays

Compare & Contrast Essays 1. Rabbits and hares have very little in common when learning about the specific ways they live their lives.
2. The next time you see small, furry animals with long ears and whiskers, do not automatically assume it is a rabbit,
3. Rabbits and hares have very similar and noticeable physical appearances
4. Rabbits and hares have some very different habitats that are their homes
5. Even though most people realize rabbits and hares are related, most do not know there are many differences between both species. 1. An introductory statement of comparison or contrast
2. 1st comparison/contrasting point
3. 2nd comparison/contrasting point
4. 3rd comparison/contrasting point
5. A conclusion statement which reiterates the idea that the two concepts being discussed are fundamentally similar or different Important Things to Note Just like writing a 5 paragraph essay, it is important to find your 3 main points and then add more details into each paragraph rather than listing many small points
When writing your essay, it is important to give meaning to the topic you are writing about instead of just minor things
Choosing to either compare or contrast for your overall topic is important, but adding both characteristics into your essay is very beneficial Team A: List comparisons between the two objects
Team B: List the differences between the two objects What is Compare/Contrast? Example Essay Format Activity! When Writing Compare & Contrast Essays.. Brainstorm any similarities and differences first based on your personal knowledge of the subject Compare: to examine objects, people, ideas, or events for similarities Contrast: to examine objects, people, ideas or events for differences Compare To examine for likeness and similarities
To find common characteristics between things that relate to a topic
Compare Hockey & Dance Involves the use of your body
Can be performed in teams
Both genders can participate
Involve uniforms Hockey Dance need balance Competitive Contrast to look for certain differences that make the two topics unique
to determine the individual characteristics of each topic/object
Example: Contrast Dance and Hockey Contrast played on ice
includes wearing skates
involves violent physical contact
Uses equipment such as pucks, hockey sticks, padding, helmets, etc. you need music
dancers wear dance shoes or can dance barefoot
there is no violent physical contact
in a dance studio or on stage
can be performed solo HOCKEY DANCE Observe any similarities and differences next if you are able to observe the topic you are writing about Research any similarities and differences to look up any information that you are unaware of What makes Comparing and Contrasting so Important? Both Comparing and Contrasting are important for taking two objects and examining them critically
Instead of just comparing or contrasting visual aspects, the two objects can be compared and contrasted for:
Inner qualities
Much more!
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