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No description

Jacob Palik

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Avatar

1. The Ordinary World 2. The Call To Adventure By: Jacob Palik
Jacob Jirousek 3. Refuses Call To Adventure 4. Meets A Mentor/Guide 5. Crossing Of The Threshold 6. Tests, Gains Allies, and Encounters Enemies 7. Approach's The Innermost Cave 8. Endures a Great Ordeal
(Lowest Point) 9. Possess a Reward, Achieving His Goal 10. Begins Journey Home 11. Experiences a Rebirth 12. Returns With An Elixir/Ordinary World Jake Sully starts out the movie on Earth in the year 2154. He can not use his legs and is in a wheelchair and is very poor. Jake Sully is called to adventure when his brother Tom was found dead. His brother was needed on Pandora, an alien planet populated by the Navi to be an avatar. Jake was identical to his brother, so he could go in his place. Jake goes on his first mission in his avatar body.
He is separated from his friends by a wild animal
and has to survive in the wild. Jake Sully has many mentors/guides like Neytiri and Grace. Neytiri is an alien who falls in love with Jake and helps him become "one of the people" and Grace is a scientist who helps him learn the language. Jake didnt want to go at first, but when he found out he could have a fresh start he took it. Another reason he did it, was the fact that he wanted to prove himself useful in the world. Jake is at his lowest point is when the aliens home tree was destroyed by the Earths army and has to make a descision, to stay with the people of Earth or become "one of the people" Jake goes through many tests on his jourmey like learning Navi customs. He gains the trust of the Navi people, but his commander is starting to doubt him. Jake achieves his goal when the tribes of Pandora win an epic battle against the humans. After the battle, he forces the humans to return to Earth. Jake prepares for his greatest obstacle which is to defeat the Sky people and force them to leavr Pandora. He prepares by joining all the native clans to defeat them. Since Jake is not permanently in his Avatar body, he can not stay on Pandora until he finds out the natives can perform a ritual to convert the bodies. After the humans leave, the world of Pandora comes back to order and everyone is safe again. Jake Sully does not return home. But, decides to stay in Pandora forever in his avatar body.
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