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The lifecyle of a frog

The six stages of a frogs complete lifecycle

char gardner

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The lifecyle of a frog

THE LIFECYCLE OF A FROG Frogs eggs Frogs lay their eggs in either water or wet places.Several thousand are laid at once and begin as a single cell. The egg slowly develops but not all into adults The Tadpole After 21 days, the eggs break away from each other and attach themselves to the surrounding weed. The tadpole grows until it is big enough to fend for itself. They eat little plants called algae. It has a long tail and relies on its camoflage to survive. The Tadpole begins to Change It begins to grow hind legs followed by forelegs. Their tails grow smaller and their lungs begin to develop to prepare itself for their life on land The Frog 11 weeks since developing in the egg,a fully developed frog with legs, lungs and no tail emerges from the water. Eventually it will find a mate and the cycle begins again
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