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The Persuasion Trade: Tools or Tricks?

A review of Cialdini's six rules of social influence (applied to advertising)

Dr. H. C. Sinclair

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of The Persuasion Trade: Tools or Tricks?

And That’s Not All!
A Limited Edition Talk on the Persuasion Trade
The Push & the Pull of Persuasion
"Pushing" tactics
"Pulling" tactics
Rational Persuasion
Cialdini's 6 rules of social influence
Bait & switch
Labeling technique
The Exchange Principle
That's not all
You like me! You "really" like me!
Producing Liking
Generate Positive Affect
Make it Pretty
The Mere Exposure Effect
We like things/people like us...
The Air of Authority
Anyone with a lab coat
The Proof is in the...
Fitting In vs.
Standing Out
Balancing between social proof & self-expressive consumption in an increasingly individualistic society.
If you tell me I can't have it...
Supplies are
What about playing hard to get?
Why does it work?
Deadline and limited-number techniques
What is rare is good
Simulation Heuristics
Effort Justification
Meets both belonging and individuality goals
and if you can even just make it smell good...
leads to heightened activity in the dopamine pathway of the caudate nucleus a region near the center of the brain that plays a role in reward learning
Relational Aggression
Hurt and Rescue Technique
Cute Aggression
Elaboration Likelihood Model
Wei and Inza have decided that $150,000 is the maximum they are going to pay for their house. When they go to the realtor, she says she’ll have to check with the homeowners. She comes back and says the homeowners won’t sell for less than $160,000. Wei and Inza agree. Wei and Inza have just fallen victim to ____________.
a) the low-ball technique
b) bait and switch technique
c) the door-in-the-face technique
d) the deadline technique

Dr. Sinclair went to buy a car and the carsalesman immediately started asking her about herself. How many kids? Whether she was a State or Ole Miss fan? Etc. And for every answer she gave, the salesman would find some way to relate. The salesman was employing which rule of social influence?
a) Consistency
b) Reciprocity
c) Social Proof
d) Liking
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