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Adidas Presentation

USM BUS 200 Group Presentation 2014

Vanessa Bemis

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Adidas Presentation

Adidas' External Environment
Presentation by:

. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler

. Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik begins making shoes in 1924

. Winning Olympic gold medals
Adidas designs and manufactures:
. sports shoes
. clothing
. accessories
Adidas Profit Models
SWOT Analysis
. The profit model equation is necessary to calculate total profit.
. Global Environment
South America, Western Europe, USA
. Technological Environment
Social Media
. Political-Legal Environment
Raw Materials Strategy
. Strengths
-Adidas sponsors major sporting events, including the world Olympics.

. Weaknesses
- innovation in technology and production method can increase the product sales price.
Company History
(total fixed cost + total variable cost)
Total Revenue
total profit
. Who are they?

. Market Specific companies

. Products

. Sponsorships
. Brother rivalry, company splits in two

. Adi creates Adidas – Rudi begins PUMA
Company History
Increasing Profit
Adidas Internal Environment
Target Market
. Reducing cost of production while maintaining quality standards

. Appealing to customers through personalization and price lining

. Good communication and accessibility
. Stay true to heritage in sport.

. Balance needs of shareholders and customers.
. Leading the industry in innovation.
. Having passionate and engaged employees.

. athletes
13 - 21 year olds
22 - 30 year olds

. non-athletes
16 - 25 year olds

. set prices to entice mostly male-based, working, middle-class families/individuals
. Economic Environments
. Sociocultural Environments
Hip Hop Culture
. Domestic Environments
Adidas' External Environment
SWOT Analysis
. Opportunities
-Contracted the world top five soccer player's.

. Threats
-Fake imitations affect brand image
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