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HUM 101 Treasure Map

No description

Suzanne Waldenberger

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of HUM 101 Treasure Map

Your first step in your adventure is to get familiar with the class and 3D GameLab.
First Move: On Your Way
There are four quests to complete in order to earn your first badge:
Tools of the Game
Make Your Blog
Your First Post
Make a Comment

These four quests must be
completed by 5PM on
Wednesday, September 4th!
Mastery Quests are opportunities for you to explore a topic in more depth. All Mastery Quests are optional, you can pass the course without completing any of them. But they give you a chance to delve more deeply into a subject you are interested in. And they are an opportunity to earn extra XP in the class!

You'll unlock mastery quests as you complete the independent quest for each badge.
Once of the things we will explore in this class is how the "Web 2.0" revolution is changing popular culture and how that is making good critical thinking skills even more necessary. So, time to dive in. You need to complete at least four of the following six quests to earn your second badge.
Be a Tweeter, Not a Twit
Finding Your Voice(thread)
What's a Glog?
It Really Is YOU Tube

Four of these six quests must be completed to earn your "Web 2.0 Explorer badge. This badge will allow you to access the "Mastery Quests" that offer extra XP.
Web 2.0 Explorer
Warning: Shoals Ahead!

Though late assignments are accepted, don't let that lull you into thinking you can put off your work and succeed in the course (or in life!) You MUST have at least three badges completed by October 15 or you will be dropped from the class.
Pop Culture Maven
HUM 101: First Learning Objective

Identify elements of popular culture and categorize aspects of the humanities created by technological innovation
Another deadline approaches! You must have earned your Pop Culture Maven badge by 5PM on
September 18
, or you you risk being dropped from the class on October 15.
If you have already earned this badge by September 18, you don't have to come to class.
Q: What happens if I miss a class? How can I earn the badge if I miss an in-class quest?

A: Most in-class quests have a DIY option, a way for you to make up the work you missed. The only exceptions are the Independent Quest Prep days. You'll find the DIY instructions in the text of the quest itself. HOWEVER, the due dates do not change, whether you complete your quests in class or DIY. Get your work in on (or before) the due date to earn the weekly badge!.
The second Learning Objective Badge is Effective Thinker. The three required quests to earn this badge are:

In class
Alien Tour Guide (September 23)
Reading Quest 2 (September 25)
IQ Prep: Stalking the Wild Argument (September 30)

On your own
Stalking the Wild Argument (due 5PM on October 2)

Even MORE Mastery Quests on the horizon!
HUM 101: Second Learning Objective

Evaluate the effect of technological development on culture and society through the medium of popular arts
October 15
approaches! You need THREE badges if you want to remain in the class after that date.
Pop Culture Explorer is the third Learning Objective Badge. To earn it, you must complete:

In class
Advertising Map (October 7)
Reading Quest 3 (October 9)
IQ Prep: Lovmarks (October 14)

On Your Own
Lovemarks (due 5PM on October 16)

The Mastery Quests are piling up! Have you tried one yet?
Learning Objective Badge Four: Reasoned Thinker

In class
Wacky Websites (October 21)
Reading Quest 4 (October 23)
IQ Prep: Everybody Googles (October 28)

On Your Own
Everybody Googles (due by 5PM on October 30)
HUM 101: Third Learning Objective

Formulate questions about and critique the impact of mass media and popular arts on cultural values and personal ethics
HUM 101: Learning Objective Four

Apply critical thinking skills when assessing technological, social and individual issues in the humanities.
Almost done! Learning Objective badge number five is Pop Culture Critic

In class quests
Letter to the Editor (November 4)
Reading Quest 5 (November 6
IG Prep: Unpopular Culture (November 13)

On Your Own
Unpopular Culture (due by 5PM on November 18)

Have you been keeping up with the Mastery Quests? Not much time left to boost your class XP!
Now that you are getting the hang of 3D GameLab, we can really get down to business. There are six learning objectives in the class, and you MUST earn all six learning objective badges to pass the class. Your first badge is Pop Culture Maven.
There are four quests you must complete for each Learning Objective Badge, three we will do together in class and one you do on your own. For Pop Culture Maven, they are:

In class
You're the Top (September 9)
Reading Quest 1 (September 11)
IQ Prep: Your Pop Culture Tour (September 16)

On your own
Your Pop Culture Tour (due at 5PM September 18)

Completing these four quests will open more Mastery Quests.
Deep Thinker: Your Last Learning Objective Badge!

Our journey is almost over, and the treasure is in sight. There are some rocky shoals ahead, though, so pay close attention!

In class quests
The Believing Game (November 20)
IQ Prep: Seeing Both Sides (November 25)
Seeing Both Sides Presentations (December 2, 4 & 9)
This is it! Make sure you have eight badges total, including all six of the Learning Objective Badges, and you'll have achieved your goal, a passing grade in the class! Final grades are calculated by your total XP, so if you want a grade higher than a C in the class, you have until December 9th to complete the mastery quests of your choice.

900+ XP = A
800-899 XP = B
700-799 XP = C
600-699 XP = D
< 600 XP = F
Your Treasure Map
Still in the class on October 16? Great!! At this point you've passed the student withdrawal deadline and will receive the grade you earned in the class.
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