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Daniel X Watch The Skies

No description

Matt Raines

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Daniel X Watch The Skies

The conflict in the book is that Number 5 and Number 21 is coming to Earth and is making a show about torturing and killing humans. And if that's not bad enough Daniel is the only one who can stop him. Some of Number 5's powers are he manipulate electronics to control you and make you do anything he wants, he can shoot lightning, and can see people through machines. If you look at a computer he can probably see you.
The main characters in this book are Daniel X , Dana, Joe, Willy, Emma,(they have no last name), Number 5, and Number 21.(The book doesn't say their real name).
The plot is that Daniel X and his friends have to fight the worst alien that has come to Earth yet and the last time he fought someone this powerful he almost died. Can he defeat such a big threat and save the Earth?
This story takes place in modern time and in a town called Holliswood. It takes place mostly in a farm and a diner all from Holliswood.
Resolution to conflict
The resolution is that Daniel is fighting Number 5 and his soldiers, but then surrenders, but then holds up a silver necklace which caused a lightning bolt to strike Number 5 with lighting and fries him (since he can only withstand energy coming from the inside). He also shoots a energy beam from his fingers (he has a lot of cool superpowers like that) at Number 21 earlier in the book, vaporizing him. Daniel also replaces all of the electronics in Holliswood so that way Number 5's possessed electronics can't hurt anyone.
Thank you for watching!
Daniel X Watch The Skies
hi bro
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