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hydrogen by matthew

No description

lis lab3

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of hydrogen by matthew

Hydrogen it's atomic mass is 1.00794 + 0.00007 hydrogen's symbol is H it's name comes from the Greek words hydro and genes which together mean water forming you would find hydrogen in the non metal category it is a colorless element hydrogen's atomic number is 1 it has 1 proton 0 neutrons and 1 electron hydrogen's melting point is -434.81 degrees farenheit it's boiling point is -423.17 degrees farenheit hydrogen was discovered by Henry Cavenclish in 1766 some of hydrogen's uses are to refine crude oil, convert oil into margarine, and elevate blimps and airships a few interesting fact about hydrogen are that it was used for air travel and it caused the Hindenburg disaster I got this information from http://education.org/ele001.html, chemistry.about.com, enotes.com, wisegeek.com, and science kids.com thank you for tolerating this
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