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the giver and 1984

Comparation between "The Giver" and "1984"

Marcela Perez

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of the giver and 1984

The Giver By Lois Lowry The Giver is a futuristic novel because it takes place in a world
where everything it's under control. Every person has
a role in the community and it's a perfect world. Jonas,
at the age of 12 becomes his role and it's being the
Receiver of Memories and his training begins with the giver
who tells him all about the past, the life, and the secrets
of this perfect world. He want to change the life of his perfect
world, but at the end he has to make a decition that may
destroy them all. 1984
Winston Smith an old and unhealthy man, lives
in an under control world. In his world everything
and everbody is under the sight of the Big Brother.
He meets Julia, a woman who's younger than him,
but cause of the condition of work that they have she
looks also old and is unhealthy too.
They shouldn't have relationships without the permission
of the Big Brother, but they don't care and do what they want.
The Big Brother knows everything so at the end they have their
-Futuristic novels -Dystopian world -People doesn't know
the truth and real world -A boy knos all about
this perfect world -An omnipresent man
controls everything The Giver and 1984 Hook Both novels are presented in a
dystpian world; the two are written
before it's time in the novel.
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