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Innovation of the Dirt Bike

No description

Samantha Stachmus

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Innovation of the Dirt Bike

Innovation of the Dirt Bike
First Dirt bike
Triumph did design a motorcycle especially for dirt riding in 1914 however the company is not been given credit for building the first dirt bike
In 1946 then Soichiro Honda had the idea of coming out with cheap transportation for the people after the war ended. Honda at the time being the largest manufacture of motorcycles in the world became known for dirt bikes
Other Brands
Suzuki in 1954, Yamaha in 1955
In 1972 Honda was the first to design a 2 stroke motocross motor just for competition and it’s name was the Elsinore CR250
The first motorcycles were actually nothing more than modified bicycles with attached gasoline engines. These powered bicycles were amazing inventions in their day. Unreliable, but amazing methods of transportation, these motorcycles began captivating people across the globe.Off-road motorcycling is really an evolution of many years, with better tires, better suspension and seats, stronger frames, and better control features being credited to many individuals who were essentially modifying their own bikes for better off-road use

1962 with the introduction of the Villiers Starmaker engine
In the 1970′s The big four Japanese manufacturers would eventually produce a full product line of dirt bikes in a variety of sizes for various racing classes and ages.
lightweight, off-road motorcycles built with a rugged frame, special tires and stiff suspension to navigate hilly, rough terrain in all types of weather
Electric Engine
Airless wheels
Less weight more power
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