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The Space Needle

No description

Mr. Stack

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of The Space Needle

The Space Needle
When and Where was the
Space Needle Built?
In 1959, an artist named Edward E. Carlson was inspired by the Stuttgart Tower in Germany, and sketched a vision of the "Space Needle" on a napkin at a coffee house. Architect John Graham found Edwards sketches to be very far from easy. So he changed Edward's balloon design at the top into a flying saucer. Now that they had an idea of the design there was still one problem, they could not find a location for the building. Once they were about to end the search a 120 foot x 120 foot piece of land was bought for 75,000 in 1961. The construction went very smooth, as it only took 400 days to finish. That's a little more than a year! The Space Needle opened on April 21st, 1962 (A.K.A-My Birthday). The building is located in Seattle, WA at 400 Broad St.
Why was the Space Needle made?
In 1962 Seattle was hosting the world fair that year and they needed a focal point. So they created the Space Needle to draw visitors in. And it did! During the World Fair it hosted over 2.3 million visitors. The Space Needle is also used to be a restaurant, shop, and observing tower.
How Big is the Space Needle?
At the time the Space Needle was built, it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. It stands at 605 feet tall and is 130 feet wide. What is really amazing is that it weighs 9550 tons. WOW!! That is 21,054,146 pounds!
How Strong is the Space Needle?
The Space Needle was built to withstand many storms. It can stand winds up to 200 mph. It can also handle earthquakes up to 9.1 magnitude. That would be a level 8 (Great) hurricane. One other safety feature is that on the roof of the building it has 25 lightning rods to withstand any lightning.
The theme of the World's Fair in 1962 was the 21st century, which was the future to them. So they decided to make a structure which was a symbol of the future. It looks like a needle pointing to the sky and the top of the building is designed to look like a flying saucer.
Thanks for Watching
I hope one day you get to visit the Space Needle!

Why is it Called the Space Needle?

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