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equadorial quinea

No description

sean yambo

on 27 September 2015

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Transcript of equadorial quinea

equatorial guinea
by: sean yambo
the Equatorial Guinea is an oil-rich, developing country on the western coast of central Africa.
the Equatorial Guinea is a beautiful country with many interesting sites and beaches, but there is little tourism information to assist in planning a vacation.
Founded: Oct 12, 1968
Area: 10,831 sq miles (28,051 km²)
Capital: Malabo
Current President: Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo
Official languages: Spanish · Portuguese · French
What is the equatorial guinea?
traditional food
Equatorial Guinea has Roman Catholicism as its principal religion since the Spanish colonial period when the whole population was baptized into the faith
A religious demography, therefore, places Roman Catholicism or Christianity on top with 93%, followed by Protestantism at 6%, and the traditional indigenous religions at 5%. The Muslims, the Bahai Faith members and practitioners of other religions have each 1% of the population of the country.
The country’s indigenous religion venerate ancestors and considers them as living in a place called Borimo, who are capable of making influence on the living humans
beliefs and religion
Equatorial Guinea boasts a wide selection of Atlantic-caught seafood and tropical produce.
Equatorial Guinean cuisine for the most part stems from the native tribes, particularly of West African ethnicities from Bantus and the pygmies. Even city dwellers use yams, plantains and cassava as staple ingredients for every meal.
Cocoa and coffee help drive the nation’s economy, but Equatorial Guineans prefer palm wine, Osang (African tea) and malamba, which is local sugar with alcohol.
basic food groups are used in almost all the food in the equatorial quine. Some include:milk,yams,eggs,coco,vinegar,plantains and cassava
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