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Using Social Media to Help Students Navigate the Job Market

by Ignacio Gallardo and Brittany Manzer

Brittany Manzer

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Using Social Media to Help Students Navigate the Job Market

Why Social Media
Using Social Media to Help Clients Navigate the Job Market
Online Branding
Virtual Resumes
Be Mobile
Leverage LinkedIn
Socially Savvy Clients
Future Trends
in Technology
LinkedIn connects you to trusted contacts and helps exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.

With more than 70% of jobs being found through connections, it’s essential for today’s college students to learn the important art of networking.

As the leading professional network on the web, LinkedIn has become an essential tool in helping students transition to young professionals.
Student Partners for pilot academy
Five week series, 1 & 1/2 hours
Hybrid lecture and lab
Opportunity to integrate employers
Topics Influencing Services & Recruiting
Traditional recruiting cycles are changing

Employers are using career fairs more as a branding tool than recruiting tool

Tailored needs to fit recruiting resource commitment

Varying company social media policies (social media team or culture of “control”)

Social media as tool to be leveraged, not to replace face-to-face interaction
“The purpose and value of ADP utilizing social media allows us to practice our own personal branding,
develop expertise to allow us to train future talent
leverage our new skills to

brand ADP
, and most importantly find new talent! Our recruitment team

praises those recruiters that are able to source or engage a candidate through social media
We find that in this market, recruiters must have social recruiting skills.”
Kelly Anderson, Senior University Specialist
Recruiters are global and active with technology
Research Employers & Opportunities On...
Resources in style!
How to share your brand:
Email signature
Link or QR code on resume or contact card
Cross-promote on all sites or virtual portfolio
Company culture
youtube pitch
Job openings
Network and interview prep
Company innovation and news
Event promotion
Connect clients with employers
Ignacio Gallardo & Brittany Manzer
UCSB Career Services

Alumni feature & Directories
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