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Digital Safety Month: Sexting


Erica Lasley

on 9 March 2017

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Transcript of Digital Safety Month: Sexting

The Dangers of Sexting
Sexting: Definition
Sexting refers to someone writing sexually suggestive messages, taking sexually suggestive photos of themselves or others, and transmitting those photos and/or messages to their peers.
Video: "Message Sent"
Kentucky Law
As of September 1, 2011
A minor caught sexting can be charged with a misdemeanor.

Misdemeanor charges range up to $4,000.

The minor and one of his or her parents will be required to take a State sponsored sexting education class.

Repeat offenses can earn you jail time.

Age Limitations: 2 years or less age difference between sender and receiver. (More than 2 years age difference falls under child pornography laws)
Before You Say "Not Me!"
Consider This...
Before you take that picture...
Never take a picture of yourself that you wouldn't want everyone to see.
This includes:
Your Pastor
We need one volunteer
Follow Up Activities
You will be discussing this topic further in homeroom with peer leaders.
Do not assume anything sent or posted (online) is going to remain private. (This includes email!)
Once a photo is online, what happens to it is out of your control. Anything you post online is there forever – you can never fully remove it.
Nothing is truly anonymous. (Deal.org)
If someone is pressuring you online, or if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult you trust and block that person.
Unplug or disable your webcam when you aren't using it.
"Google" yourself every once in awhile to make sure nothing inappropriate comes up.
Set a "Google" alert for your name. You may be tagged in a picture or mentioned in a blog or post and not know about it.
Helpful Tips
Keep Your Pictures PG

The Commonwealth of Kentucky does not a have a specific statute for sexting offenses.

Therefore, under Kentucky law, individuals,
including minors
, who are caught creating, distributing or possessing a sexually explicit image of a minor (
including an image of themselves
) could be charged with a
under the Commonwealth’s child pornography statutes. If the minor is convicted they may receive
jail time
and will generally need to
register as a sex offender
Other Consequences...
27% of colleges will "Google" applicants.
26% of colleges will look applicants up on FaceBook.
80% of employers will "Google" applicants/Look them up on Social Media.
The Problem with Snap Chat
"Deleted" photos are actually recoverable
There are apps that let you record videos & pictures
Pictures can be captured via screenshot

24% of high-school age teens (ages 14 to 17) and 33% of college-age students (ages 18 to 24) have been involved in a form of nude sexting.
Teenage girls have a few reasons for why they participate in sexting: 40 percent do it as a joke, 34 percent do it to feel sexy, and 12 percent feel pressured to do it.
Who will see your sext? 17% of sexters share the messages they receive with others, and 55% of those share them with more than one person.
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