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Judit Reigl, NY paintings 2001

No description

Valeria Martin

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Judit Reigl, NY paintings 2001

Judit Reigl
Third document:
New York Paintings of the 9/11
By Judit Reigl

-Judit Reigl was born in Hungary in 1923. She escaped her home country in 1950 and settled in Paris. took part in the surrealist movement but left it quite quickly in order to follow her own path.
-She was especially touched by those who in their desperation jump off the towers and suicide because her work is actually based on bodies falling.
First document:
The form:
The meaning:
The usages:
The technique:
Second document:
The form:
The meaning:
The usages:
The technique:
The form:
The technique:
The usages:
The meaning
We Believe that Judit Reigl even trough surrealism managed to capture the mixed feelings that the spectators and the suicides probably had.
Valeria Martín
This painting have perspective in the tower that is a bit inclined. The falling body is totally straight and it seems to be floating.
The texture of the blue sky is the perfect contrast to the body and the tower; it looks like the “perfect” day with the “perfect” light. The scale of gray color in the body, that is almost white, makes me think she wants to represent the angels these people would become when they eventually fall down.
The person is sliding down very calmly, but at the same time is powerful and it creates a very impressive perspective of the tragedy. I think it show us the terrible decision that these people have to take, if die burned or jump to try to save their lives.
the painting transcends on its form, it represents the shocking view of the people, that desperately tryed to find another way to get out of these terrible situation. As many people saw, these dramatic images that September, the artist want to show the falling bodies that seemed, to her, for an instant, to rise and then float in an indeterminate space
In her last collection New- York, 11 september 2001, she used a technique called mixed media on canvas and give us a surrealistic vision.
In this painting we can see a red body falling, it has no face and a hole in his stomach. The background is mostly the sky but there are also a few buildings below, painted in different colors, such as whites, greens, and browns predominantly.
As we all know these paintings were based on the 9/11. They want to represent in a differently the facts and the consequences of this horrible day. And of course the suicides shocked everyone who watched people ¨levitating¨ in the air just to escape the fire. For me the fact that the body has no face represents that there was so many suicides that people just stop looking and trying to recognize the faces of the victims, and that in some point people just stop watching.
It is a mixed media on canvas and the size is 200x1400 cm. It is surrealistic.
These paintings are used as a remembrance of the tragedy of this day and we could say is memorial, create specially for the suicides that had place that day. It is also used to shock the spectators and make them feel like if they were at the 9/11 witnessing and living the suicides.
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