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How to Write a Business Plan

No description

Shane Dorsey

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of How to Write a Business Plan

How to Write a Business Plan
What is a business plan?
goals for a business
the reasons they are believed attainable
the plan for meeting those goals

Essential Components:
1) Cover Page
2) Executive Summary
3) Business Description
4) Market Strategies

Executive Summary
This is the thesis statement of your business plan
your company
the managers
your objectives
your plans about financing

Cover Page
Include :
Contact information of both the company and its owners
Month and year the plan was prepared
Name of preparer(s)
Copy number of the plan (Writing the Business Plan, 1)
Market Strategy
Know market and conduct market analysis
identify: demographics, product targets, biggest competition, and current trends
Discuss intended marketing strategy
show planned methods of sales/distribution, pricing, packaging, and branding

Brought to you by Mon$ter$ Inc.
5) Competitive Analysis
6) Design and Development Plan
7) Management Plan
8) Financial Factors

Business Description Summary

one- two paragraph description of your industry
information about the various markets in your industry
strategy for success and short/long term objectives
Use SWOT analysis

Competitive Analysis
strengths and weaknesses of competitors
strategies to help take the lead
boundaries for competition
strengths and confidence in product

Design and Development Plan
purpose: impress investors
picture of product
graphs of development
price range

Operations and Management Plan
responsibilities of management team
divisions of the company
expense for business to run

Financial Factors
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Analysis
Profit and Loss Analysis
Break-Even Analysis
Personnel Expense Forecast

Business Plan vs. No Business Plan
Thank you for listening to Mon$ter$ Inc.
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