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A.L. Hendriks

No description

Jagier Wilmott

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of A.L. Hendriks

Born in Kingston, Jamaica
Arthur Lemiére Hendriks
Like Music Suddenly
Narrative format
A.L. Hendriks
Like Music Suddenly
Villainelle of the Year's End
Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?
Went to Jamaica and Ottershaw College
Two sons, five daughters
Figurative meaning
Villainelle of the Year's End
Villainelle: A nineteen lined, six stanza poem of French origin
Literal meaning
Describes a long distance relationship
Use of contrast
Use of Jamaican Patois
Use of figurative language
Use of enjambment
Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?
Use of Imagery
Final Perspective
A.L. Hendriks
Interesting poet
"Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?"
Gifted poet
Letter written to English woman
Straightforward meaning
Differences in temperature of locations
"I have Poinsettia; You have snow
"Cold winds blow"- rough patch in relationship
Persona still in love
Woman unresponsive
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