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UPP Summer Oral Presentation

No description

Hamid hadi

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of UPP Summer Oral Presentation

Institute for Health Research
Hamid Hadi
Various Research Projects I Participated In
Terms for Obesity
My Role Within C.O.M.P.A.S.S.
My Decision
Technical Skills
Decision Making of Parents about Vaccines for their Child
Conducts research that can be translated into clinical practice, health promotion, and polices to influence the health of individuals and populations
Why do physicians inclining towards research?
Wendolyn (Wendee) Gozansky, M.D., MPH
Matt Daley, M.D.
"My Public Health training taught me the importance of looking at the population level in order to impact health, and thats what research allows me to do."
"I value one-on-one contact with patients, but the feeling I get from understanding the issues patients face at a deeper level is beyond satisfaction."
Leslie Wright, MA
Wendee Gozansky, M.D., MPH
She is a clinician investigator at the Institute for Health Research (IHR) as well as the Operations Chief for the Regional Specialties & Geriatrics at KPCO (Kaiser Permanente Colorado)
Her research interests centered on improving the health of older adults.

Current research includes: Estrogen Deficiency and Mechanisms of Fat Accumulation.
Seniors Using Supports To Age In Neighborhoods
To understand AND address healthcare, social service, and social/community needs of GLBT seniors, and engage the community which includes GLBT seniors and providers.
Capitol Hill neighborhood
Key issues:
Who is my community
"The reality is that I may need help from people that aren't accepting or prepared, or even knowledgeable."
"The internet is so huge to me"
Health Services
"Physicians who say 'we take care of everybody all the same' and say that they're not uncomfortable...but they are."
Civic & Social
"You need a 'third place' [besides home and work] - a place you can connect."
Where I go to feed my soul?
What helps me to age in place?
"I’m looking forward to having a support system, but where I will find it, I don’t know."
"The traditional supports may not be there for you...the laws, the church, the police...even your family."
Care Of Mental, Physical, and Subtance Use Syndromes
How does COMPASS Do It
What is the Goal of COMPASS?
Measures the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about vaccinces.
I did a test/ re-test analysis to provide a more reliable examination of the data
Identify motivating, non-offensive English and Spanish terms for "overweight" to be used in counseling Hispanic families with overweight children.

The word "obeso" is a clinical term and is offensive to parent. Parents identified NO single English term that was both motivating and non-offensive.

“A lot of people don’t know what obese or overweight means, it’s just oh, they’re just thinking I’m fat or ugly...”

”I don’t like
[unhealthy weight]
just because my son, he’s a little, itty bitty thing and according to doctors he’s unhealthy because now he’s too small and he doesn’t eat as much. And my daughter, she’s unhealthy weight because she’s a little bit more chunky. So I don’t like it. It’s kind of confusing when I hear the word.”

Prescreened Potential Participants
1. Cardiovascular Disease and/ or Diabetes

2. HgA1c
, and/ or SBP
(145 mmHG)

3. Exlcusions:
A team of the patients primary doctor, care managers, a consulting psychiatrist, and a medical expert
Work together to get the patient healthier both physically and mentally. Through outreach specialists, Active Assesment and Care Plans, patient goal tracking and treatment intesification, and ultimately discharge.

My knowledge of the whole healthcare system has expanded.

"America's estimated 2.5 million gay seniors are twice as likely to live alone, four times less likely to have adult children to help them, and far more fearful of discrimination from health care workers." -American Progress.org
Based software called
Health Connect
used by
Kaiser Permanente

Extensively trained in Microsoft Access by Deanna!
She is a project manager in the Institute for Health Research at Kaiser Permanente Colorado (KPCO).

Denver GLBT Commission from 2004-2009
GLBT Community Center of Colorado and the Colorado Business Council.
She has an MA in Sociology and is currently pursuing a PhD in Health and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Colorado- Denver.

Deanna McQuillan, MA, pending PhD.
The Pros and Cons at the Institue of Health Research
a total emersion into research
impact a population of patients rather than a single patient
address issues at a deeper level
play with the data and conduct different types of analysis
safe, clean enviorment
opportunities for interesting research
little patient contact
n= Pregnant and mothers of children up to 12
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