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The Vampire Diaries

English Project

Aisha Yusuf

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Book Report Book Summary Elena is now a vampire, the first part of the book is a look into the struggles Elena faces with having to cope with her new “undead” status, while she tries to hide from society (her friends and family think she is dead). Both Damon and Stefan have to put their feelings for her and each other aside while they protect her, and try to solve the issue of the dominant Power that continues to terrorize the town.

We are taken on a whirlwind of various paranormal occurrences, including Bonnie’s improving psychic powers, Elena’s self discovery, and the secrets with which she entrusts her friends. We also discover the true role that the new history teacher “Alaric” has in town. What we end up with , is a sort of a team of friends/experts that now have to work together to fight this evil power. New friendships are forged, new powers emerge, and enemies, in all forms, have to be battled.

While there are a few romantic instances that set us up for future installments, be prepared for action and adventure. Friendships are tested, and emotional connections run on a deeper family/friendship level. Romantic love, while it remains an integral part of the theme, sits mostly on the back-burner in this one folks! The Fury and Dark Reunion
Book 3&4 The Fury and Dark Reunion Chapter 1-7 ( The Fury) Elena's turning and adjustment to having become a vampire, as well as her confusion at loving both brothers. Stefan finds Elena dead at Wickery Bridge, and believes that the force that was chasing Elena was Damon. They fight, and in the middle of it, Elena awakens, and impulsively, unknowingly attacks Stefan, as Damon had given Elena more of his blood in the exchange and as such viewed Stefan as a threat to her creator. They stop the fight, Stefan is extremely crushed, devastated and broken-hearted, presuming that her attack on him meant she loved Damon more and hated him, and Damon tries to clear everything up, being very nice and rational to Elena. Still caring and deeply concerned for Elena whether she loved him or not, Stefan persuaded his best friend Matt to feed Elena his blood to help her control her blood lust, leaving Matt in complete shock because of what she had become, as well from discovering Stefan had almost killed Tyler Smallwood and his buddies, leaving Caroline un-harmed. Damon left Elena in the attic of Robert E. Lee's history teacher for her safety and she awoke days later to stumble across her own funeral reception. After reading her diary, Elena's memories returned clearly and she was extremely happy, overjoyed and relieved when Stefan forgave her. But the Other Power was taking control of the animals in Fell's Church, driving many to dispose of their pets. Chapter 7-16 (The Fury) Elena persuades the brothers to work together to stop this powerful force. While having to stay out of the way of the town's new vampire hunter (the new teacher, Alaric Saltzman), Stefan, Damon, Elena and her friends search for the source of the dark presence that has overtaken the town and which they also suspect to be behind Elena's death. They find the answer in Honoria Fell's tomb, and it turns out to be Katherine, who in fact did not die centuries before as the brothers had thought. Instead, she had faked her death, having her maid bring ashes from the kitchen, lay them out on her dress, and put her lapis lazuli ring on top, while she had another forged, making it looked as if she had killed herself. Since then, Stefan has lived with the guilt of her death, while Katherine has spent that time seething with anger. She decides to take revenge, and is envious of Elena for robbing both brothers' love. Katherine reveals that she is the one who attacked Vicki and ran Elena off the bridge. They are all tortured brutally, and Elena ends this by knocking Katherine into the light of the tomb. She is unsuccessful at getting herself out of the sunshine fast enough and dies, saying that she wants both brothers' word that they would take care of one another because Damon is often misunderstood, and she wants the fraternal rivalry to end, also telling Stefan that she loved him, and that she did not want this to happen, causing pain for him as Katherine had. Chapter 1-10 ( Dark Reunion) As a psychic, Bonnie has dreams of Elena in the Other world. But the dreams turn frightening, which causes the death of one of their friends.
A source of power has infiltrated Fell's Church, putting its inhabitants in danger. Meredith, Matt, and Bonnie use a summoning spell to call for Stefan and Damon. Bonnie takes the leading role as she writes in the diary.
She also finds a possible romance with Matt Honeycutt. After performing research, Stefan realizes Tyler Smallwood is a werewolf.
They lure Tyler into the graveyard and find out that Klaus, the vampire who turned Katherine, is the killer. The four find out from Meredith's mad grandfather that the only thing that can weaken Klaus is White Ash wood. Klaus makes a deal with Stefan to come with him.
Although Stefan warns Bonnie, Meredith, and Matt not to follow, they do. Chapter 10-15 (Dark Reunion) They see Stefan with a branch of White Ash wood, and Bonnie realizes it's a trap. There is a fight at the old Francher place deep in the Old Wood. They are losing the fight, and Stefan is on the brink of death. Damon appears and stakes Klaus. However, Klaus is not hurt badly, and he attacks Damon. Bonnie screams for Elena, who appears as a glowing mist along with the spirits of Civil War soldiers that had fought and died in Fell's Church. They charge Klaus and carry him away. Elena almost leaves forever and then is granted another chance to come back to life. Character Traits Damon Salvatore Words A L T eR “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn about anyone else.” Damon tries too hard to get love and have friends, he does his best but ends up making mistakes that makes people push him more. So he pushes people so he feel less pain. In-love and loner. He loves only one girl and will do anything for her. But she doesn't feel anything for him. So he pushes everyone away from his life so he feels less pain. W Actions L T eR Words Actions Damon is a dangerous tough guy, he always find a way to hide feelings. He is a careless vampire who kills people without felling a damn thing. "You don't want to mess with me, Matt. I am more dangerous than you can possibly imagine. Now get out of here. Its my watch." Damon always get denied by all the girls he ever loved or shared feelings with and he always protects the girl he loves. He does dangerous things for the girl he lover that now is a habit. Looks W A Looks T eR Damon is a handsome guy, he has straight dark short hair, blue-grey eyes. Damon has pale skin. He mostly wears a black leather jacket and always wears jeans. Damon has little muscle. Sometimes he has a beard beginning, it never lasts long. It is very beautiful. Can be seen often with a smirk. "He was remarkably good-looking. His face was pale in the artificial twilight, but she could see that his features were cleanly defined and nearly perfect under a shock of dark hair. Those cheekbones were a sculptor's dream." This shows Damon is an handsome guy and he gets hes ways through things. Damon use is look manipulate people into doing stuff, sometimes even kills people using his looks Thoughts W A L Thoughts eR Damon thoughts are positive and selfish sometimes. He thinks dark and manipulatively "So...I think we three ought to stick together. I think we have a much better chance of finding it and dealing with it together than separately. And maybe we can stop it before it hurts or—or kills—anyone else." It took Damon a lot to say that, he said that because he wanted to protect the girl he loves and his younger brother. He does some positive things to protect the people he loves, but there is still a bad side of Damon. Response W A L T eResponse People respond to Damon are negative. They don't care about him, they think he is evil and heartless. Nobody trusts Damon. "I don't understand. He's evil, Elena. He kills for pleasure; he has no conscience at all—" They all think he's heartless. Damon's brother Stefan think he is dangerous and he can never change no matter what happens. Everyone wants Damon dead. Who is DAMON? ............ Traits Damon Salvatore traits Arrogant
Stubborn Short trailer on The Vampire Diaries The End Sinister
Cold Hearted
Implosive LONELY Lonely Damon is a lonely guy, who got abandon by his brother and the first girl he ever loved. Nobody trust him, therefore he has no friends. "It has always been Stefan, it will always be Stefan." Damon said that to his brother when he go rejected by the two girls he loves. It was a sad event for Damon. It made him feel miserable, worthless and alone. Thing like are what pushes Damon to do bad things.
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