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Organizing Skills

No description

kamal wahba

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Organizing Skills

Organizing skills
7 Ways to Develop Your Organizational Skills
-Keep with you a calendar for your schedule
-Introduce checklists and to do lists
-Know your task carefully
-Get ready the night before
-Organize your work
-Ask for help from friends and family
-Reward your self

So now you can choose whether you want to be a super team in all missions 24/7 like any other organizing team or searching for the certificate only
- Organizing involves combination
of human, financial and physical
resources in order to get results

-Organizing is usually considered the
second step in the management cycle.

-Organizing is the management function
concerned with bringing together the
necessary resources and arranging them
so individuals might accomplish their
activities most efficiently.
Job description of WHOM’12 :
-The setting of the plan for the organizing team
-Halls coordination
-ID's printing
-Printing coordination
-prizes planning
-Attendance protocol and code
-Opening and closing ceremony plan

Organizing committie
Successive Planing
- Choose location for the event
- Get permission
- Budget
- Choose volunteers "Organizers - PR - Media"
- Advertise for the event
How to organize event
1- 5W & 1 H :
What ?
When ?
Where ?
Why ?
How ?
2- Brain Storming
How to brain storm ??
Organizing Team = Decision Making
-You own your work from registration till planning of events ,you must have plan A to Z .

-Creativity is your key

-Organizing is the model if you have strong organizing team then it's easy but lets think if you don't have this strong team what will be the image of the model ?

Only You who choose
Sharing our experience
Hope you enjoyed it :)
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