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No description

Lu Bo

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of LU Bo

Who is lu
My root
My name is Lu ,and I come from China .I will introduce myself to you .First ,I will introduce the place that I was born in -Xi'an China.
I love traveling .I enjoy to know about different cultures and get closed to the nature .I love climbing and traveling around .It is enjoyable for me to know new story and to touch new things.
Cooking and eating with my friend
I like cooking , and I think it is amazing to use original material to make delicious food .I like eating better.
My family
I have a happiness family. I have a little sisiter and a little brother..
This is Terra-Cotta Warriors ,which was built for the first emperor Qin .In memory Qin people used clay to make different soldiers and put them in the his tomb .That is an amazing project!
This is the night of my city . What a beautiful city it is !
This is my military training . we need accept training when we go to high school and university .This is so hard for us to training in the summer.
This is my school. I love it.It includes a lot of my memories.
Nice to meet you!
I am a student now I used to study in the Shaanxi normal university ,my major is GIS .However ,now I am studying in University of Hartford and my major is finance. Different study experiences make me acquire a lot of valuable fortune.
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