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Friends Of The Earth

No description

Alex Ghorbal

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Friends Of The Earth

By Nathan Cheung, Alex Ghorbal, Stephen Bubb and Matthew De Asha
What do Friends of the Earth Do?
Friends of the Earth EWNI is a pressure group that was set up to deal with environmental issues and human rights. They represent a cause of making the earth a better place to live in. Friends of the Earth fight for nature to be cared about more and protected to a much greater level as well as wanting people all around the entire world to have a greater standard of living. They stand for a beautiful planet where people can have good lives.
History of Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth EWNI (which stands for England,Wales, Northern Ireland) was created in 1971 in England. One of their first campaigns was to dump 1500 bottles in front of Schweppes' HQ because the bottles were non-returnable. They also won the first climate change law and created the idea of having recycle bins as well as giving support for green energy.
How do they operate?
National Campaigns
Friends of the Earth EWNI have made many national campaigns. This includes campaigns for:
Climate change
Corporate Accountability
Global trade
Real Food
This May, they are hosting a meat free May, to spread awareness of their cause to save animals.
International Campaigns
Who do they try to influence?
Friends of the Earth try to influence people both nationally and internationally. Examples of groups of people they influence include governments, councils, businesses and ordinary people.

They aim certain campaigns at different people, for example, their campaign to get recycling bins introduced was aimed at the government, while campaigns for less pollution may be aimed at power generation businesses.
By Matthew De Asha, Alex Ghorbal, Stephen Bubb and Nathan Cheung
Friends of the Earth looks for the best solution to a current environmental or political problem that is damaging people's living standards or ruining the environment. They back up their ideas with the latest science facts and they believe people are not the problem. They are also part of a family of local and international organisations. The overall organisation, Friends of the Earth International, have bi-annual meetings, to discuss what their campaigns should be.
Friends of the Earth also has many international campaigns. Some of them include:
Forests and Biodiversity
Climate justice and Energy
Nuclear Power
And many more...
Thank You For Watching!!!
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