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Successes and Failures of the First Four Presidents

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on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of Successes and Failures of the First Four Presidents

Successes and Failures of the First Four Presidents
George Washington makes a proclamation
In the article to the right, George Washington makes a proclamation about deserters from the army.
President John Adams
President John Adams' three main successes were: building up the army and navy to be able to take on France in the unofficial "Quasi War," negotiated a loan from Belgium, and rebutted the XYZ Affair.
John Adams to Represent in Boston Massacre Case
John Adams will represent British soldiers in the Boston Massacre.
President George Washington
George Washington's main three successes during his presidential term were setting a two-term precedent, ushering and signing Jay's treaty, and maintaining a general sense of impartiality throughout his term
President Washington has two major critisisms First, he switched sides. Though he never claimed a party, he usually sided with Hamilton. However at the end, he renounced that partnership and lost much of the Federalists' sympathy. Secondly, he owned slaves.
John Adams had many failures in his term as President. The main two were maintaining peace with France and appointing 42 "midnight judges."
President Thomas Jefferson
Purchasing the Louisiana Territory, advocating states' rights, and drastically cutting federal power were three of Thomas Jefferson's accomplishments.
The Embargo of 1807 and owning slaves were two of Jefferson's failures.
President Jefferson's State of the Union Address
President James Madison
Renewing the charter for the federal bank, signing Macon's Bill No. 2, and leading the nation in the War of 1812 were three of James Madison's successes as President.
Causing the War of 1812 and reversing many of his political positions were two main failures of President Madison
A Tribute to James Madison
Which was the best President?
Of these four gentlemen, President George Washington is the best President because of how strict he was to maintain his moral values. He always remained modest throughout his entire political career, believing that he was no better than any other man. Washington was swift with justice, as well, quelling any revolts in the streets or in his meetings. Throughout his remarkable life, President George Washington never lost sight of who he was. This is the most honorable gift he could have given the United States of America.
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