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Greek Theatre

No description

Gaurav Gidwani

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Greek Theatre

Greek Theater Staging Layout (Ampitheatre)
Medea (Greek tragedy)
Outline of Greek Theater
The elements and purpose of a Chorus
The chorus was a group of masked performers, who would wear identical masks. They all represented a single character. The masks gave a sense of unity and being a single organism. They would mostly speak in unison
The story of Medea is about the hero Jason's wife as she is left by him for the Kings daughter; Glauce. In fear, the King banished Medea before the wedding.
She sneaks back into the kingdom. And as revenge, She poisons the king and his daughter. After she kills them both she plans the ultimate revenge against Jason. She decides to kill their children. Making it so Jason will have no family line. She kills their children and pins them down onto her chariot and drags them around.

The themes in this play are: Family, evil and revenge. With how
Medea was taking revenge in the cruelest form at Jason.
I also talks about her descent to evil with her getting corrupted and seemingly "drunk" with it as she even goes to the lowest by killing
"The fruit of her own womb"

Greek masks were used to bring the audiences closer to the actors, using the exaggerated facial features and expressions. The mask would cover the entire face of the actor who was wearing it with only with eye holes and Mouth holes. In every painting an actor will not be wearing a mask instead would be in the process of taking them on or off because when they wore it they would "become the character" physically and the Greeks would not be able to differentiate one and the other.

The mask gave people more freedom in their acting as it gave them more confidence as their identity's were hidden. One of the main reasons the Greeks had it was because women were banned from going on the stage so they needed men to play the roles of women in the play.
Greek Masks

The Theatron was the viewing area (where the audience stayed) are for the viewers. It was designed so the crowds could see the performers while hearing the actors down below in the Orchestra. Because the Greek Theater excelled at acoustics the viewers are able to hear everything clearly. Early on the audience would sit on grass or stand then later on benches that were carved on to the stone over time.
The theatres were large, open-air structures which were built on hills. The theatron was arched so the sound from the actor would be amplified to be more louder than usual.

Greek Theater by Gaurav Gidwani and Linden Wong 9M
Greek Theater consisted of three genres: Comedy, tragedies and satyr plays. Greek tragedies were based on myths or history and usually have character's in search of the meaning of life and gods. Some tragedy plays like Medea and Oedipus, are not tragedies like we would have today. The tragedies in Greek Theatre are horrific and are very tragic.
Comedy is a representation of laughable people and involves some kind of blunder or ugliness which does not cause pain or disaster. A few people also claimed that's it is a form of Greek poetry

Jason is the husband of Medea. He is the one who find the Golden Fleece in another greek legend. He marries the kings daughter in the play Medea. In he end he is given the ultimate revenge from his wife for leaving her.
Greek Theater began with festivals honoring their gods. A god, Dionysus, was honored with a festival called by "City Dionysia". In Athens, during this festival, men used to perform songs to welcome Dionysus.
What is the Theatron?
What is the Orchestra?
What was the Skene?
The Orchestra was a large circular or rectangular area around/at the centre of the stage. It's usually where the play, religious rite or dance. The Orchestra would be made of marble or be just packed dirt. It would have an altar in the middle of the orchestra. Before there was an Skene there would be only ramps going up into the orchestra befroe the building was fully devoloped.

A building or tent behind the orchestra which is used a backstage and sometimes a backdrop. In here actors could change their costumes or their masks. It later evolved into a backdrop for the Orchestra. It would also be used as elevated ground for the actors playing gods.
How were greek masks made?
What were they used for?
The masks were made out of wood, linen or cork, so hardly any of them are still here today . They were also decorated with hair both human and animal. Later on in the 3rd century more expensive bronze masks were made. The shape of the mask amplified the actor's voice, which made it easier for the audience to hear.
What was a Chorus in Greek theater?
The Amphitheater is the type of Greek theater that Greek plays: mostly tragedies and comedies were performed in. Today the Amphitheaters are still used for concerts because of how well they amplify sound
What was an Greek Amphitheater?
The Theater of Miletus, it could hold around 5,300-25,000 spectators.
Theater of Halicarnassus
What was the purpose of a Chorus?
The Chorus' main purpose is to comment on whats happened in the play so far and to also get the audience understand how the character is thinking. They would also summarize what has happened for the audience.
Example of a chorus:
What are the elements of a Chorus?
The elements of a Greek chorus were they were a bridge between the audience and the play. They were omnipresent. Just like the audience always there and reflecting upon it. They also have to continue the mood and atmosphere of the play and not conflicting with the play. There is a sense of rhythm in movement or sound, the beat would repeat itself.
What is the story about?
Structure of the plays
The basic structure of a Greek tragedy is quite simple. It starts off with the
, which is spoken by the one or two of the characters before the chorus. This gives a basic background for the story. The
is sung by the chorus when they enter the orchestra. The
first episode
is when the characters and chorus start. There are many episodes throughout the play. Then there's the
at the end of each episode where the
characters leave the orchestra and the chorus sings.
The last part is the
is where the chorus exits
singing a processional song which usually offers
words of wisdom.


Medea is the wife of Jason. They met earlier in the quest of the golden fleece, she was made by Aphrodite to fall in love with Jason. So she could do tasks for him. In the play Medea she is "betrayed" by Jason when he leaves her for the Kings Daughter. She takes her revenge by; killing the Kings daughter and killing all their children. During the play she slowly is blinded by revenge and becomes evil.
For my chorus performance I think that my chorus group conveyed a good amount of emotion using different actions and expressions. I think our set, using different levels and spaces was effective, using body language and combining the 2, I think we had a very powerful opening and end freeze frame. However I believe that because of our confidence we would pause and stammer at our lines. We didn't get all of our unison times correctly in time.
By: Linden
For my chorus performance, I thought my group has a good usage of body language, hand motions, emotion and our use of the props (boxes). Our group used a different levels like standing, sitting of the box and sitting inside the box. I think we had powerful hand actions throughout the performance to go with the chorus song. Our unison wasn't great so we should work on that next time. Our canon was pretty good and we used it twice.
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