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Civilian Conservation Corps

No description

buckeye falcon

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Civilian Conservation Corps

Civilian Conservation Corps

The purpose of the CCC was to get single men to work during the Great Depression.
The work men operated under the army's control. Men focused on soil conservation, reforestation, dug canals and ditches, cleared beaches and built wildlife centers.
What was their jobs?
The jobs the men were offered were environmental projects.
Was it successful?
The Pros
3 million men participated.
Army managing so many people prepared them for World War 2.
Built telephone wires, bridges and roads.
Created divison of safety to protect workers.
The CCC provided single, unmarried men temporary jobs and let them live in barrack type housing.

How does the CCC work?
by: Alex Brezovsky, Amaria Ervin, Amaya Pena, and Joseph Contreras
YES, because they built 800 parks and planted 3 billion trees.
The Cons
didnt give african americans a fair share of work.
accidents frequently happened.
didnt give men jobs after they left so they enlisted in the army or military.
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