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jordan johnson

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of Synesthesia

What is Synesthesia?
Synesthesia is a condition where one sense is associated with another unrelated sense. There are many different types of synesthesia. One common type makes people see numbers and letters in color. Other people can see different color sounds.
Another form of synesthesia, refered to as "conceptional" or "spatial temporal" synethesia allows one to see units of time or numbers in physical space or their mind's eye.
Grapheme Color Synesthesia
*Grapheme color synesthesia is one of the more common forms of synesthesia.
* This occurs when someone sees numbers and/or letters in color when they are actually black.
*This can be useful for memory because instead of associating a number with its plain black color, each number has its own distinct color.
*Children learning the alphabet can learn better this way if each letter is different.
Spatial Temporal Synesthesia

Who Has Synesthesia?
Pharrell Williams
What Body System Does it Affect?
Synesthesia affects the nervous system. It originates in the temporal lobe part of the brain. It is a neurological phenomenon that can have positive or negative effects on the body and mind. It is considered to be mainly harmless, though some people say their experience with it can be draining and exhausting. Besides that, synesthesia can actually give people memory advantages.

By: Jordan Johnson
Thank You
When somebody has spatial temporal synesthesia, they can see maps of calenders and numbers in a certain point in actual space or in the mind's eye. This form of synesthesia can help people remember dates more than others.
Why I Chose to Do This Topic
I chose this topic because I have experienced some synesthesia-like feelings, like strange mental calenders and maps of numbers, letters, days, years, and months. Although I'm not certain, I might have slight symptoms of synesthesia. Synesthesia is an amazing phenomenon that the world should know about.
Vincent Van Gogh
Stevie Wonder
Kanye West
Marilyn Monroe
Lady Gaga
Pharrell says his song "Happy" is pink, yellow, red, and orange.
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