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Marilu & Damian - Overpopulation

No description

Angela Robinson

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Marilu & Damian - Overpopulation

The given number of people on this planet is 7 billion. Hey That's a bunch of people and guess what we are some of those people. But that might not be the exact number of people and it still keeps growing at an unpredictable rate. witch we can try to stop.
218,000 more mouths to feed each day, 80 million more each year, a global population now close to 7 billion.
One might suppose that 40,000 years ago, when the entire world population was only half a million, there were no problems, yet group size in hunter-gatherer society was probably limited to between 25 and 50 by the amount of territory required to provide enough food — 10 to 25 square kilometers per person. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Our Though 's The problem is that the earth cannot
hold a bunch of people. The world is at its capacity and we are way over it. The way we can fix our overpopulation is that we can try not to produce so many children. People suggest that women should consider abortion to over come over population.
Also birth prevention is also being suggested to eliminate more human beings.
they say that women should get put on birth control so they wont get pregnant. I do not think people should go and get abortions because its the most nonhuman thing to do because you are killing a human being that is growing inside of you.
There is no problem
Why should "we" put ourselves out when "they" are just going to eat up any improvement we make
We're okay, let "them" solve their own problems.
We will eventually solve the problem without population control by developing new technical answers
It's too big to tackle. by: Marilu and Damian
Overpopulation Of The Earth statistics Suggestions for what can be done
to control over population? To maintain the number of people to the point that there is enough of a population to create the social and lifestyle conditions we want, but not so many that the resources cannot meet their needs.
Well, we could always put a limit on the number of children every family can have. What has Been done The End
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