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Matthew Hillhouse

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of Risk

Business Startup
Matthew Hillhouse
MBA - Haskayne School of Business
AMP - Oxford University
PMP - Project Management Insitute
BA - Wilfrid Laurier University
Risk Management - Business Startup - PMBOK standards
Personal Background
Taleo - Background on Startup
Taleo Risk
Risk Post Mortem - Was I Right?
MBA Advantage
Taleo Background
How do I Deal with Risk of Taleo Startup?
Post Mortem - Risk

Contractor risk ended up being larger then expected
Under estimated the amount of time I would need to work
I under estimated the positive outcome of credibility events
- Given the course ...... I should discuss my risk approach and some learnings
- Given you are part way through your MBA and early in your career....I should share how MBA helped me in my journey

IT Director

Start Up 1
Start Up 2
Taleo Busines Plan

Mini MBA

The following objectives were defined in the summer of 2010 and represent the desires and direction that this initiative will be focused upon. These objectives will be revisited on an ongoing basis to reflect current market conditions; client needs, resourcing factors and continual feedback provided from the day-to-day operations of the business.

• Build a company that competently provides services to Calgary clients in the following areas:
o Project management consulting
o Business analysis and process analysis consulting
o Consulting services relevant to the key services listed above
• Develop a strong brand and reputation in the Calgary market
• Deliver an exceptional relationship experience to our practitioners.
• Attract and retain the highest quality people in the Calgary marketplace to join our firm.
• Provide client experiences that meet or exceed expectations.
• Establish processes to support succession planning for owners
• Create a company that motivates us and inspires us to work with dedication and enthusiasm
• Support work life balance
• Develop a business plan that will be used to assess business progress and outcomes.
• By March 2012, achieve a gross annual revenue of $3 - $5M, net margin of 20%, average of 16 billable FTEs

The Processes of Project Risk
Management are:
Plan risk management,
Identify risk,
Perform qualitative risk analysis,
Perform quantitative risk analysis,
Plan risk response,
Control risk.
MBA Advantage
Comprehensive Planning
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