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No description

Weronika Gorska

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of SQ3R

SQ3R Reading with a Purpose SURVEY 1.Title page
3. Index
4. Preface
5. Leaf through
the book
6. Survey a chapter
7. Read the fisrt and the last paragraph QUESTION How does the text fit with what
I alread know?
Who is telling me this?
When was this written?
What can I do with the
information? actively search for information
divide reading into manageable sections
make notes after a particular section
look for the key idea behind each paragraph
look for the author's plan
read the passage again READ RECALL key points key words main idea

It's NOT about difficulties in understanding!!!!!
It's about forgetting!!!! REVIEW =S+Q+R-r+R Group discussion - week 6 ? SQ3R
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