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Copy of CBRE E&S Best Practice Presentation NZ 2014

No description

Amy Bond

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of CBRE E&S Best Practice Presentation NZ 2014

Keys to Success
Energy & Sustainability Program:
Sprint Account

Corporate Goals/CR
Strategic Alignment:
Corporate Goals:
Energy Management
Energy Conservation
Reporting and Analysis
Innovation and Intelligence
Lighting Upgrades
HVAC Upgrades
Energy Audits
Facility Operations
Renewable Support
Variance Analysis
CDP Report
DOE Better Building Challenge

Energy Star Portfolio Manager
Utility Insight
QUEST Report
CBRE Real Green Challenge/Standard Study
Sprint Energy and Building Analytics (SEBA)
M2M Development
EV Charging Stations
Wireless Sub-metering
FM Energy Assessment APP
Solar Doc
Sustainability Management
Sprint has set aggressive goals in order to conserve natural resources:

Waste Stream Diversion:
By 2017, Sprint expects to improve reduction of operational waste-to-landfill by

from 2008 Benchmark
) which will equal a


recycle rate.
To ensure goal is attainable over the
next three years
sustainability team

is launching
more aggressive programs.
Training Videos
Recycling gamification development
Waste-to-energy pilots and road map design
Break room recycle centers- Campus roll out
Cafeteria composting
Water Conservation:
Sprint recognizes that water conservation is a critical, global issue and an important consideration in any climate-adaptation strategy.
Sprint has set aggressive goals in order to conserve natural resources:
Reduce annual purchase water usage
30% by 2017
Sprint has the desire to make a
in the area of water conservation.
Sprint has requested that CBRE introduce new, innovative, and cutting edge technologies.

Increasing Risk:
In the last five years, nearly every region of the country has experienced water shortages.

Some experts anticipate water

costs to triple
over the next 25 years.
Corporations must reconsider operational requirements dependent on water and develop programs to manage those risks accordingly.
Energy and Sustainability Employee Engagement:
Green programs inform, educate, and inspire.
Recycle Ambassadors
E- Waste Collection
Green Closure
Earth Day
Waste audits
Retail recycle survey
Sustainability Score ("S-Score")
Sustainability Walking Tour
Alternative Commute Program
Intranet Web site
Education Videos
Break Room Recycle Centers
Community Glass Collection
Reporting and Innovation
Cafeteria Composting
drive behavior change
Earth Day
Annual event boast 55 community partners and internal groups hosting information booths for more that 2,500 HQ event attendees.
Employee volunteers staff games, drawings, entertainment and giveaways.
2013 event celebrated clients second year as Newsweek's 3rd
Company in the U.S.
Campus Bikes:
Total movements since Earth Day 2013 Launch:
Average number of rides per month:
Total miles ridden since April 2013:
Increase in ridership from May to September:

Sustainability Walking Tour:
35 stops that highlight various sustainable features at the Sprint HQ Campus.
For more information regarding this presentation please contact:
Nicolette Zimmermann
Manager, Energy and Sustainability, Sprint Account

T + 1 913-315-1833
C + 1 913-220-8487
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