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The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind

No description

Sara Greenberg

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind

The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind
Ray Douglas Bradbury (August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012) was an American fantasy, science fiction, horror and mystery fiction writer
Bradbury was one of the most celebrated 20th-century American writers. Many of Bradbury's works have been adapted into comic books, television shows and films
He was a reader and a writer throughout his youth
Two neighboring towns were constantly changing their wall shapes to show one had more power over the other.
The two leaders grew tired of competition because their people were growing weak and ill.
They eventually decided to make their city walls a kite and the wind because the two items compliment each other and work together.
Two neighboring cities kept trying to outshine the other by building a better wall that surrounded their city and held dominance to attract new people.
the conflict was resolved when the two cities created a kite and the wind as walls to show equality, and that they can rely on each other to survive.
Author and Background
Genre & Theme
Genre- Fable (imaginary and teaches a lesson)
Theme- people must work together to achieve success, unlikely friends may benefit from each other. Competition and rivalry.
Moral- people with common goals should work together to achieve success instead of compete because they can work together.
By: Sara Greenberg, Isabella Mckinnon and Kevin Glasheen
Title Significance
The Golden kite flew in the wind and complemented the sky.
The kite needed the wind to fly
They both need each other just like the two competing cities
Motivation of Mandarin
to beat the Mandarin of Kwan Si and to attract more people to his city with better symbols and more power
Order of Shapes of Two Towns
Mandarin's Town- orange, club(to beat pig), shape of shining lake(to quench fire), needle(to sew up mouth), sheathe(to stop sword), net(to capture eagle), moon(to eclipse the sun), golden kite(to complement the sky)
Mandarin of Kwan Si- pig, fire, mouth, sword, lightning, eagle, sun, wind.
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