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As Dead As It Gets

No description


on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of As Dead As It Gets

Setting: Town called Surrey
Lives: Alexis lives in
Silver Sage Acreas
Alexis Warren
Lydia Small
Jared Elkins
Carter Blume
Lydia Small
Lydia is no longer human. Shes a ghost now.
Jared Elkins
Jared is Alexis ex-boyfriend, and was very controlling over her while they were dating. He only dated Alexis to try to get over his ex-girlfriend who died in a hiking accident. Jared Elkins is a bit crazy for what happened to his ex, and wants to make it up to her.
Carter Blume
Carter is Alexis' s ex-girlfriend. They broke up because Alexis didn't want Carter to get hurt from the supernaturals that were trying to kill her. He is more of a very caring person and tries to protect Alexis from anything that tries to come for her.
This book is about a girl named Alexis Warren. She lives the fact that she saw her friend Lydia Small's death three months ago. She tries to live a normal life when she realizes that it will not happen. Alexis is able to see ghosts in photographs
and Lydia's ghost appears where dead girls are found. Maybe something is attacking her, something is killing innocent girls while their talking to Alexis. Girls that flirt with her boyfriend die. Alexis tries to figure out whats happening, because every supernatural that come to Surrey try to kill her. Find out what happens next in the story!
Alexis Warren
Alexis is the main character, and likes photography. Alexis is about 16 years old, and has blue eyes, also brown hair. Shes in high school, and has two parents (mom&dad), and a sister named Kasey. Her parents think she should improve in life because Alexis doesn't really care in the world.
About the Author
Katie Alender grew up in South Florida. She has 4 children three girls and a boy. Katie went to high school at the Palm Beach County School. She studied Communication Arts. From there, she went on to the Florida State University Film School. She has written four books: "Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer", and
"The Bad Girls Don't Die" series.
As Dead As It Gets
Theme of this book
Katie Alender wanted the reader to know that life can be hard. When you loose someone its even harder, the hurt, the pain may affect others and yourself. Katie wanted her readers to know that getting help isn't always a bad thing. You'll find out what i mean when you read this book. I thought this was a pretty amazing because it has a lot of action to it and a bit of romance, and it tells you about how you can handle pain from death.
Alexis Warren
Lydia Small
Jared Elkins
Carter Blume
Katie Alender
By: Katie Alender
Prezi by: Kayla
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