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Maersk Case study

No description

Christian Dodger

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Maersk Case study

The Future of Shipping
Enhancing your satcoms for business and crew
Enhancement Tools
What is Infinity?
An IP-Based Satellite Network
One of the largest product tanker fleets in the world
How Maersk Tankers is making the most of their satellite communications
80 vessels to be equipped with Infinity
Ken Gregers Larsen,
Project Manager
Maersk Tankers IT

An industrial pc or server on board
An instance in the Cloud
Infinity software on shore and on board
A web interface
Case Study
Fixed fee, unlimited bandwidth solution
Aluminium Compact with fanless design, Intel Atom processor
D510 1.66 GHz,
2GB DDR2 667 MHz SQRAM, Compact Flash 8GB, Industrial SLC , SSD 2.5'' 32GB,
Industrial MLC, SATA 2.0, 4 x Gigabit LAN

Dell PowerEdge R430 server with:
1U Rack mount Chassis, 64-bit Intel Xeon processors
(E5-2407 2.40GHz 10M Cache 4C 1333MHz) ,8GB RAM, 6 x LAN, 4 x HDD Disk 1TB Near Line SAS,Hot-plug hard drives and power supplies, cabling, 5-year worldwide hardware support on site by Dell

Infinity Cube has two nodes and it also includes:
- 2 x 24-port managed switches 1Gbps
- 1 PDU
- 2 x Dell Cable Management ARM 1U

Firewall rules per communications network
Address-book replication
Crew calling with a single PIN across multiple voice networks
Quality of Service
VPN with restricted login period
File to Email/Email to File
“Other management systems were actually introduced as alternatives, but the ease of operation, the management features, and the flexibility of Navarino led us to choose to stay with Infinity.”
“What’s really nice about it is that you have centralised management, a very good overview with the Infinity Hub, with the complete feature set in one solution, and we don’t have to have different providers offering different management options.”

The Objective
Predictability and reliability to keep the business as competitive as possible.
The Solution
The solution chosen by Maersk Tankers was Navarino's Infinity Plus platform

A key focus for Maersk Tankers was to create an infrastructure that could be supported around the clock, entirely by a single supplier
“In general, for the vessels
we have commissioned so far we have very positive feedback, with stability, increased bandwidth and quality of service. A lot of communication is based on file exchange between shore and vessel,
and this is noticeably better.

The shore application teams have had much less incidents with these services, and that has really reduced our operational handling errors.”
Ken Gregers Larsen, Project Manager, Maersk Tankers IT
“We wanted to implement a communication platform that was fully supported by one supplier, so that service and support would be simple to handle for our vessel IT support.

“We wanted to have a fixed price, with stable and good quality communications services. That was kind of the starting point for the project.”
Ken Gregers Larsen, Project Manager, Maersk Tankers IT

Remote, centralized management
Thank you
Lets examine why....
Areas of Interest
Specialised in merchant shipping communications
Over 500 shipping companies across 14 countries
3,000 vessels use our connectivity services
6 offices worldwide
2,800 Infinity installations
Christian Vakarelis
Stratos Margaritis
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