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An Uncomfortable Bed

No description

Josefine Östvik

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of An Uncomfortable Bed

An Uncomfortable Bed
... And it ended up with a lot of breakfast in a innocent man's face.
A brief summary for the audience
This story is about a person that hangs out with some friends in a chateau over a weekend. The person somehow manages to suspect his friends with doing some kind of practical joke on him during the night. So the person was staying on his guard and even moved out his mattress from his bed in pure fear of a joke. But unfortunately they didn't do anything and one of them got caught in his/her mattress in the morning and fell with the breakfast on the poor man who thought he was being tricked.
Keywords from the Story
The Artwork
"I chose to draw this picture because it sums up the story pretty good. He wanted to avoid some sort of practical joke trap, but ended up creating his own."
- Oscar Vikström 9A
By Guy De Maupassant
A man and his friends spent a sunny weekend
in a chateau in Picardy...
"You might now always trust your instincts, trust your friends sometimes as well."
The Tech - Josefine Östvik
The Artist - Oscar Vikström
The Teacher - Andy YU
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