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Energy Luke

No description

Mike Graham

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Energy Luke

Energy Luke Wierwille
Sound Energy
Sound energy is the energy of vibrations carried in the air or other matter.
Eletrical Energy
Potential energy
Potential energy is energy stored up wether its inside your body or in anything.
Kinetic Energy
Kinetic Energy is the energy of when something moves.
Thermal energy
Thermal energy is the energy of heat.
a sound wave
these pictures are examples of electricity
Electrical energy is caused by the movement of electrically charged particles
playing vidio games is using electricity
all of these pictures show sound if your listening or its just a sound wave.
listening to something: sound energy
Think of when your playing basketball, when you throw the ball up its using kinetic energy(that's next) when it pauses about to come down it has potential energy.
these are examples of potential energy.
When you're listening to head phones there is sound energy.
This is a sound wave
A speaker has sound energy without it, it wouldn't make noise.
If you're moving you're using kinetic energy.
These images show kinetic energy
The baseball player is swinging his bat He's using kinetic energy.
THis guy is moving: kinetic Energy
the ball is falling it's using Kinetic energy
The sun is our greatest source of thermal energy.
These pictures show thermal energy.
This flame has thermal energy that's why its hot
The sun is hot it has thermal energy.
Light energy
The sun is also light energy
Light Energy travels as waves and can move through empty spaces.
The pictures here are examples of light energy.
This star has light and thermal energy.
This light bulb would light your house it has light energy
The flame has light energy.
thank for watching #(;
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