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Romans in Great Britain

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Shaianne Foltz

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Romans in Great Britain

The Romans were in Britain in the time period 43-409 or 410 AD.
They invaded because emperor Claudis needed to secure his thrown after the mad emperor Caligula had been assassinated in 41 AD.
Invasions in Great Britain
In 54 BC Caesar brought 30,000 soldiers and the Britains were not prepared to fight the Romans on the beach, which gave the Romans the opportunity to establish themselves as a military force in Great Britain.
Julius Caesar led the first Roman invasion in on Britain. The second invasion on Britain because the Roman province of Britannia and was ruled by a governor appointed by the Roman emperor himself.
Romans fought a war of sieges to reduce the great Iron Age hill forts of the western tribes.

The Retaliation
Bitterness against Roman oppression had driven boudicca, queen of the Iceni tribe, into a revolt that came close to expelling the invaders.
The Guals (modern day France) rose u against tje Romans and Caesar's army had to leave Britain in order to fight against the rebellion in Gual. It took the army 90 years to return back to Britain after these event.
Why Britain?
Their empire had already expanded from the channel coast to the Caucasus and they wanted a bigger and better frontier.
"Roman Culture reflected this, valuing military achievement above all else. Roman leaders had to prove themselves first and fore more as army commanders. And where better for Claudius to improve himself than Britain."
The Roman Life
The roman conquest in great Britain was very important because it affected their language, geography, cultural, and architecture. For four hundred years Rome brought unity to and order to Britain that Great Britain never could of done.
All across the empire Romans were creating symbolic lines across maps. "On one side 'civilization', on the other side 'barbarians'. On the ground, the lines were made real in stone, earth and timber."
Iron Age tribal were redesigned as Roman towns, with regular street-grids, forums (market squares), basilicas (assembly rooms), templates, theaters, bathhouses, amphitheaters, shopping malls, and hotels. By mid-century AD most of the 20 towns had a full set of public buildings.
Additional Pictures
Historic Video About Romans In Britain
Rules and Instructions for Jeopardy
Romans in Great Britain
By: Shaianne, Jennifer, Andy, Kyle
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