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Competitive Dynamics

No description

Alisha Johansen

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Competitive Dynamics

Make as many airplanes as you can!!!
Classroom teams split down the middle
Cant pass tape line!
You need to throw your plane to the other side while blocking the opponents planes
Once the music stops you stop also!
Competitive Dynamics
By: Alisha Johansen & Jasmin Palacios
Market Leader
Creating innovative products
Strong market share in smartphones, televisions, appliances...

Attack strategies
In an attempt to gain market share they have begun a new campaign against obesity.
With many consumers concerned about health they are now addressing a world wide issue
Frontal Attack
Challenging an opponents strengths head on in the attempts to win more market share
Microsoft Example of frontal attack
Cell phones have a short PLC
Best Buy will buy back your old phone so you can buy a new one!!
Products have a limited life cycle, some life cycles are shorter than others such as technology.
Expanding Total Market Share
Samsung has become a market leader by staying innovative
If you do not continue to grow you will get left behind in this market
Emulating apple
Establishing relationships
Tv ads, big ticket events
Thank you!!
It doesn't matter if you can comprehend Samsung's ads, it only matters that you see them.......
Samsung Vs. Apple
Coca Cola Obesity Campaign
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Contest Winners!!
Protect your market share!

Microsoft has begun and attack strategy on many leading companies
This is their attempt to steal market share away from their competitors
Flank Attack
Flank attack attempts to fill and unmet need in the market
Consumers are now demanding green products
Some companies are taking advantage of this oppurtunity and full filling an unmet need
Bypass Attack
Diversifying into new products or geographical locations
Pepsi did this when they produced bottled water Aquafina
Guerrilla Attack
This Strategy involves attack at a small segment.
Eventually small attacks and small victories snowball into a large Market Share for the company.
Encirclement Attack
Trying to gain a large slice of the enemies market share through blitz or launching grand offense on several fronts.

Consumer want to be green but do not want to make any sacrfices
This Audi gives you 30% better fuel economy but giving you high performance and acceleration
Get into your groups!
Choose someones to be your mummy!
Wrap your mummy once the music starts!
Market leader
Expanding total market share
Defining your objective
Choosing an attack strategy
Before you start planning an attack strategy you need an objective.
Market Leader, firms your own size or local firms?
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