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Joi | Nickelodeon Presentation | Drake & Josh

No description

Joi-Noelle Worley

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Joi | Nickelodeon Presentation | Drake & Josh

Josh Is Done
Schneider Synergy
Nickelodeon | Drake & Josh
Alex ~ Cody ~ DeQuan ~ Joi ~ Nicole

Dan The Man
aka Dan Schneider
Guess That Real Life Thing
Divide the class into groups of 2
- Individuals must guess the Drake & Josh equivalent of the said brand name item.
Star Wars
Mountain Dew
Six Flags
a) Mystic Mountain
b) Loopy Lands
C) Yukon Trails
a) Mountain Fizz
b) Grappy Fizz
c) Jungle Juice
a) Galaxy Wars
b) Space Battles
c) Interplanet Endeavors

a) Pear Pad
b) iBot
c) iPong
Jerry Trainor
"Crazy Steve"
Tyrone's Singing Voice
Jennette Mccurdy
Ariana Grande
Mentioned Dan in her thank you speech at the AMA
Leon Thomas III
Miranda Cosgrove
Fell into writing after acting for several years.

* All That, then moved to Drake & Josh
Trademark: Characters talking about food
Spaghetti Tacos
Most of his shows contain "happy anamolies" and special situations that create a perfect world

Victorious & Zoey 101 -> Special Schools
iCarly -> Living with an older goofy relative
Drake & Josh -> Stepbrothers, father works but mom is never around??
It's these special situations that has allowed Dan to create that parent free zone for a different generation
Inside The Industry
Nickelodeon had a successful animation streak.
Spongebob Squarpants
Fairly Odd Parents
Danny Phantom
Girl Power @ Disney Channel
Lizzie McGuire
That's So Raven
Kim Possible
Nickelodeon Needed an in house, live action show
It also interesting to note that contemporary shows of that time from Disney Channel (That’s So Raven, Phil of the Future) featured characters with a gimmick or power who were trying to hide it from the world and keep it a secret. Drake and Josh was different because their gimmicks and quarks of the characters were made apparent, and the characters were encouraged to embrace what made them special
Theme: Opposites can coincide
a) Gamesphere
b) Gamefly
c) Gamekore
Won several Kid's Choice Awards and BMI FIlm & TV Awards in it run.
Josh Peck plays Casey Jones!!!!
Possessing completely different personalities, two teens become stepbrothers. While often hi-jinks and trouble ensue, they work together and learn that a brother always has your back.
Guest stared as Harper in iCarly then was cast in Victorious in 2010
If this isn't synergy in the Schnieder circle....
start time :10
“Dan Schneider hasn’t forgotten what its like to be a kid, and his TV progeny Drake and Josh perfectly embody the goofy, unabashed fun that too few remember and even fewer get to revel in today.”
Dan is the driving force behind Drake & Josh. He gives credit to his writing team and still seems to be on good terms with all his cast from before.
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