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Western Civ 5-The Enlightenment

No description

Margaret Peacock

on 30 August 2015

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Transcript of Western Civ 5-The Enlightenment

In America, intellectuals were reading these ideas as well. On their side of the Atlantic, Enlightened ideas of liberty and progress had a chance to flourish without the shackles of Old Europe.
The United States
Three Eastern European leaders envision themselves as enlightened men and women.

Despite their lofty ideals, they would ultimately find themselves confronted with the paradox of enlightened despotism.
The Consequences (and the problems) of the Enlightenment:
Enlightened Despotism
Revolution and the slow, uncomfortable recognition that everyone has rights, even the colonies and even the slaves.
The Consequences for the Rest of the World
The Enlightenment
Joseph II
Frederick the Great
Catherine the Great
The Dutch and English pioneer new forms of representational government.
The middling orders grow larger, wealthier, more critical of privileges and the church as the ideas brought by the Age of Reason trickle down through society.
Changes happening in European Society beginning in the 17th century
David Hume
John Toland
1720-1820 (roughly)

A period when intellectuals applied the methods of the scientific revolution to social problems.

These new thinkers, known as philosophes, wrote in the vernacular, and were read by a broad audience.
They came from all over Europe, but the heart of the Enlightenment was France.

They are all concerned with the role and potential of human reason to solve the world's problems.
What Was The Enlightenment?
The Consequences of the Enlightenment
Delacroix's "Liberty Leading
the People". This painting is
a manifestation of Enlightenment
thinking, where the peasant, the
gentleman, and even the slave
now can demand liberty, equality,
and freedom
The "Triangular Trade" (Also called the "Atlantic System")
What Were The Consequences of the Enlightenment?
It changed everything...
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